It All Starts With A Consultation

Everything You Need to Know.

The Walk and Talk

If you are a do-it-yourselfer or just looking for affordable professional home staging guidance, the Walk and Talk may be all you need. During this scheduled two hour consultation, we will look at your home, room by room, through the eyes of a highly critical buyer, identifying the staging needs of the entire house including curb appeal. We will provide the homeowner and/or agent a comprehensive easy-to-follow staging report that will highlight, by room, what changes are needed to create the best first impression for potential buyers. The staging report is emailed to the homeowner and/or agent within 24 hours. Cost: $150.00

Vacant Preview

We will tour the property, take photos and start to get a sense of our design direction for the home. We will provide a staging plan and quote.

*This consultation applies only to vacant listings (i.e. home contains no furnishings or occupants).

Here's What We Will Discuss

  • The Target Demographic For Your Home – Every home is unique. Through target demographic research, we take into account the home’s location, style, the area’s amenities and school systems to identify  the most likely type of buyer for your home.
  • What Appeals to Today’s Buyers – As trained professionals, we know the target demographic for your neighborhood. We will look at your house through the eyes of a highly critical buyer and make recommendations that will create the best first impression for potential buyers.
  • Curb Appeal
  • What to Pack, What to Keep, What to Move
  • Color Consultation – Color is the most inexpensive decorating tool, with the most impact.
  • How to Arrange Furniture – Our aim is to highlight a room’s best features, identify a focal point and maintain good traffic flow in, out, and through a space. Proper space planning will create the illusion of more space for potential buyers.
  • Tricks For Closet Organization
  • Cosmetic Changes That Have The Most Powerful Return On Investment
  • Detailed Shopping List for what to purchase for maximum, staging impact
  • Emotional Connection Points- How to merchandise your home to make buyers “fall in love”.
  • Stage for Hope: Ten percent of every purchase is donated to Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for Humanity to build a roof over a family’s head.
  • What Happens Next? –If you are comfortable with all we have covered in the staging consultation report, you can take it from there. But if you would like us to roll up our sleeves and work with you to start staging the main areas of the home right away, check out our Occupied Staging Package