As a realtor, builder, or developer understanding the needs of your local market is key to success. Diversifying your marketing strategy and adapting quickly to market trends can make all the difference when it comes to selling properties. With DC and Northern Virginia migrants growing rapidly in streets across Richmond, giving homes that perfect professional edge with stylish home staging might just be what you need to ensure that listings stand out from the competition. So how can proper home staging give your property an attractive edge? Read on!  According to Northern Virginia residents have been moving to the Richmond metro area in droves since the pandemic, and that trend shows no signs of slowing down. Northern Virginia and D.C. transplants residents ages 25-45 accounted for the largest share of Richmond-area moves and are more likely to be young couples with kids moving to the suburbs as opposed to 20-somethings moving into the city, according to the article. By taking into account their unique needs and wants, you will be able to make your offerings even more attractive. Vignettes Home Staging always stays ahead of the curve when it comes to curating stylish staging. Our business model allows us to explore all furniture markets for the trendiest pieces in art, lighting, and decor – guaranteeing an updated inventory that’s both modern and chic! Our team will use up-to-date trends in interior design and décor to ensure that your home is attractive, comfortable, and inviting for this demographic of buyers.  Real estate numbers in the Richmond metro area have changed dramatically, with many Northern Virginia transplants making the move to Richmond during the pandemic. As a realtor, builder, or developer it is only smart to create a plan of action to capitalize on this influx of new business. Understanding and capitalizing on current market trends is key to succeeding as an industry professional. One factor that can make all the difference when it comes to selling properties lies in proper and stylish home staging that ensures properties stand out from competition and attract potential buyers. Home staging is achieved by hiring a professional who will recognize both aesthetic items and functional design details needed to earn top dollar for a property. It’s important to remember that investing time and resources into presenting homes in their best light will help you make more money faster than the competition – so why not give your listings a perfect professional edge with some home staging? Get Your Free Staging Quote today and find out how easy transforming your property can be!